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If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a truck accident involving an unsecured load, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and significant property damage. Truck drivers are highly trained and must execute complex maneuvers. While this is certainly no easy task, we expect them to navigate cautiously and prioritize safety.

Because of the size and weight of trucks and the loads they transport, it is critical that truck drivers and their employers ensure that the truck is functioning properly and that the loads are secured. When truckers and their companies fail to uphold safety standards, they can be held liable for the injuries they cause.

Lawsuits involving truck accidents can be very complex. You need to have qualified legal representation in order to obtain a successful outcome. At Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have become one of the most trusted names in South Carolina truck accident law.

Our firm works tirelessly on behalf of our injured clients to deliver justice after they have suffered injuries or death in a truck accident. We believe no one should ever face financial hardship after being involved in an accident with a negligent trucker. If an unsecured load caused your injury, several parties may be responsible.

Our team will build a strong case on your behalf to work to get the compensation you deserve. To begin working with a Myrtle Beach unsecured load truck accident attorney, call us today at (843) 839-4795 or complete our online form.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer After an Unsecured Load Truck Accident?

Working with an attorney after an accident involving a truck carrying an unsecured load is paramount to getting a settlement that covers the full extent of the suffering you are enduring as a result of the accident.

It takes a lot of investigative work to determine who – the truck driver, the trucking company, or the truck manufacturer – who is liable, and therefore responsible, for an unsecured load truck accident.

An attorney can obtain all the necessary evidence and build the case that holds the right party or parties accountable for negligence. Working with a lawyer is also the only way to maximize your compensation. Accident victims who have legal counsel recover three and a half times more in verdicts and settlements than those who do not.

An experienced truck accident legal firm has already guided many clients through every injury imaginable and has a strong network of specialists to help their clients. Your attorney can help direct you to doctors, counselors, and any other resource you may need to help you recover from your accident. Contact an attorney at (843) 839-4795 as soon as you can after the accident to start work on getting the justice you deserve.

Why Should I Choose Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers?

At Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have the experience and grit necessary to take on powerful trucking companies in the courtroom. Trucking companies employ large and aggressive legal teams and will do everything in their power to distance themselves from any blame. Their legal teams will try any tactic, ethical or otherwise, to shift fault from the trucking company, the manufacturer, or the driver onto you.

Working with our team will prevent anyone from placing unfair blame on your shoulders. We will not let these large companies bully or harass you into dropping your suit or accepting a low settlement offer. We are here to fight for you and your rights.

Along with having successful courtroom experience, we work to advocate for our community. Our firm publishes monthly newsletters packed with free legal advice and helpful tips to protect our friends here in Myrtle Beach. We believe it is our duty to not only offer sound legal guidance but also to set an example of ethical leadership in our city. At Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers, we are deeply committed to bettering our community

We are in the business of protecting our community, not profiting off of their misfortunes. Our team will offer the very best guidance possible and will prepare you for trial in our very own mock courtroom located in our office. Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers is the advocate you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if a Truck’s Load Isn’t Properly Secured?

Truck drivers must follow standards that regulate how much cargo their truck can safely transport. Truckers must follow Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) rules to ensure that their truck is not overloaded. If a truck driver who caused an accident was carrying more weight than their vehicle could safely carry, they are guilty of negligence.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration strictly regulates how cargo loads should be safely secured. It also provides instructions on how to properly secure cargo loads onto trucks of all types.

If truck drivers, their employers, or truck manufacturers ignore these instructions, catastrophic accidents can occur. The United States Department of Transportation states that a single 20- pound piece of cargo that falls off a truck traveling just 55 miles per hour can create an impact force of 1,000 pounds. Failure to properly secure cargo can cause devastating damage and injuries or death.

Along with properly securing cargo from the start, truck drivers are required by law to routinely check the status of their cargo. Truck drivers must check that their load is properly secured before they depart their loading location, after driving for 25 miles, and every time they stop to take a break. A truck driver who skips these important steps can be held liable if their cargo comes loose and causes damage.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Under South Carolina law, victims have up to three years after the date of their accident to file a lawsuit. Meeting the proper filing deadlines is critical. If you try to file a lawsuit after the deadline has passed, the courts will probably refuse to hear your case.

There are a couple of exceptions that extend the time limit to file. If a minor is injured as a result of an unsecured load truck accident, they have one year after they turn eighteen to file a lawsuit. Additionally, if the accident caused the victim to become mentally incapacitated, the deadline to file is extended five years after the accident occurred.

What if I am Partially Responsible for My Injury?

If you believe your own actions contributed to the unsecured load truck accident in some way, you still have hope for recovering compensation. South Carolina courts use the modified comparative negligence doctrine. This means that the courts will look at your case and establish how much fault each party shares as a percentage. If the court finds that you were 20% responsible for the accident, you can collect up to 80% of the potential compensation. If you are found to be more than 50% responsible for the accident, you cannot seek compensation.

What Compensation Might I Recover from an Unsecured Load Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit?

In your recovery from your accident involving a truck that had an unsecured load, you are faced with dealing with significant injuries and emotional and mental trauma. Overcoming these obstacles may take time and carry significant costs. Working with an attorney who can help you recover financial compensation is a necessity as you face high medical bills and missed time from work.

Financial hardship should not be a consequence of being injured through someone else’s negligence. Our team here at Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve, including:

  • Present of future medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Physical disability
  • Pain and suffering

Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers understands that no amount of money can take away the pain you have endured after being involved in an unsecured load truck accident. However, pursuing compensation is your legal right and can help you resume some sense of normalcy and avoid financial stress. An attorney is an advocate you need, especially when taking on large and powerful trucking companies.

What if My Accident Involves a Government Employee or Truck?

When a government truck or employee is involved in an accident, the rules and regulations for pursuing compensation are vastly different than a standard case. Rather than having the normal three years, the statute of limitations is only two years if the state is the defendant. The governmental body or office that oversees the employee who caused your injury must be formally notified of the upcoming lawsuit. Lawsuits against the government can be very complex and require that you work with an experienced lawyer in order to be successful.

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If you or a loved one have suffered an injury or died because of an unsecured load truck accident, you are legally entitled to pursue compensation. Truck drivers, employers, and manufacturers are given strict guidelines to follow to prevent cargo from coming loose on the roads.

When the rules are not properly followed, devastating accidents can happen. At Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers we are dedicated to taking on powerful trucking companies to make sure the negligent party who caused your accident is held accountable.

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