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A collision with an 18-wheeler can result in life-changing, potentially fatal, injuries to all people involved. Jackknifing accidents occur when an 18-wheeler’s cabin and trailer fold in toward each other. A variety of factors, including, inclement weather, inexperienced drivers, poor truck maintenance, and reckless driving, commonly cause jackknifing collisions. When a driver, trucking company, or other entity bears responsibility for your pain and injury-related expense, you should contact a qualified attorney to explore your legal options.

An experienced jackknife accident attorney understands the nuance and complexity of truck accident cases. Liability for a truck accident can be challenging to determine and prove. While the driver may be partially liable, the driver’s employer, truck maintenance provider, and cargo loader may also bear responsibility. Don’t attempt to investigate your accident without the guidance and knowledge of a skilled attorney.

The lawyers at Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers understand the resources you stand to lose when you suffer in a truck accident. Emergency medical services, lost wages, rehabilitative care, and diminished earning potential all throw victims and their families into financial disarray. Our team will support your claim and fight to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. We work to serve members of our community. When you need an injury lawyer that cares about you, get in touch with our Myrtle Beach jackknife accident lawyers today at (843) 839-4795.

Do I Need a Jackknife Accident Lawyer?

Dealing with injuries takes plenty of energy. After an 18-wheeler accident, hire someone to protect your rights rather than attempting to manage your claim alone. You need a lawyer for the following reasons:

  • Deal with Insurers – Following a truck accident, the at-fault party’s insurer may try to offer you a settlement beneath the value of your claim. When an insurance company offers a settlement, you may initially feel relieved. Unfortunately, a quick lumpsum settlement may not account for all of your injury-related costs. A lawyer will make sure that your settlement accounts for your past, present, and future expenses.
  • Establish the Value of Your Claim – Your attorney will evaluate all of your financial and non-financial losses. Economic damages may include medical bills, ongoing treatment, medical accessories and equipment, transportation costs, lost wages, lost earning potential, and property repairs. Non-economic damages include diminished quality of life, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. You deserve a settlement tailored to your case and your losses.
  • Build a Strong Case – An experienced attorney understands the importance of a thorough investigation. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies must adhere to strict federal guidelines. Investigating your claim may include rifling through logbooks, evaluating the company’s hiring practices, and recovering traffic records. A lawyer has the knowledge and resources to investigate your claim and build a strong case.

You deserve to focus on your recovery. When someone else’s negligence leaves you with life-changing injuries and expenses, lean on the experience of a lawyer you trust.

Why Hire Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers to Handle My Case?

Our team shows up to work every day to help people just like you. While we wish truck accidents wouldn’t happen, we offer quality legal resources to victims when they do. By recovering compensation from the liable party (or parties), our goal is to seek justice for each person we serve. When a truck driver or associated entity fails to consider your safety, we make sure they pay the price for their negligence. Our Myrtle Beach lawyers stand our for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Service – When you reach out to our team for help, we know you’ve already been through a lot. We strive to remain accessible, provide quality service, and make sure that you feel supported when you work with our firm. While we hope you only need an injury lawyer once, we want you to know that our lawyers are here for you if you need help in the future.
  • Transparency – We know how awful accidents are for victims and their families. Dealing with car insurance, health insurance, and medical bills following an accident is complicated enough. Our team communicates with you throughout the process so that you understand your claim’s status.
  • Tenacity – Your case deserves care and attention from a lawyer who cares. Our jackknife truck accident attorneys understand exactly how a favorable legal outcome improves a dire situation. We fight to recover compensation so that you have the resources that you need to move on with your life.

Jackknife Accident Claims We Handle

As a driver, when you get on the road, you only have so much control. No matter how careful and observant you remain, you may still end up in an accident. Truckers must drive carefully, observe their blindspots and no-zones, and drive to conditions. Jackknife accidents may occur because of the following: 

  • Poor Brake Maintenance – Bringing an 80,000-pound truck to a full stop puts a significant burden on the brakes. For this reason, the brakes of a truck must be closely monitored, maintained, and replaced. Locked up brakes impact the axles of a truck’s trailer, causing the trailer to drag and potentially swing into the cabin.
  • Speeding – Due to their weight and momentum, 18-wheelers require more lead time to brake. If a truck driver needs to make a quick stop, slamming on the brakes increases the likelihood of jackknifing.
  • Winding Roads – For drivers who fail to take proper precautions, even slight curves can lead to serious jackknife accidents. When maneuvering along winding roads, drivers should reduce speed, drive to conditions, and mind the vehicles around them.
  • Driver Inexperience – Inexperienced drivers don’t have the muscle memory and ability to anticipate issues the way that a veteran truck driver might. Inexperience, however, is no excuse. Drivers shouldn’t be allowed to haul large loads until they have the proficiency and skill needed to cope with dangerous road conditions.
  • Inclement Weather – Icy or wet road conditions increase the likelihood of a jackknife accident. Driver’s must maneuver carefully to avoid skidding. Once a truck starts skidding, the driver may not regain control.

If you’re involved in a jackknife accident, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. We understand. After a Myrtle Beach truck accident, follow these steps:

  • Get Medical Help – If you sustain serious injuries, call 911 and get the emergency attention that you need. Nothing trumps your health and safety.
  • Report the Accident – Get to a safe place and call your local police to report the accident. Typically with truck accidents, an officer will come to the crash scene to record damage and gather information.
  • Collect Information – Following an accident, if you don’t have severe injuries, collect any witness information that you can. Witness testimony may later support your case. Take pictures of the damage and accident scene, but only if doing so doesn’t risk your safety.
  • Call a Lawyer – Reach out to a lawyer you trust. When someone else harms you, an injury lawyer will listen to the facts of your case and educate you about your legal options.
  • Keep Records – Organize any injury-related bills, notices, or documentation that you receive — keeping your documentation organized with help your attorney tremendously. Additionally, when struggling with injuries, keep a journal. Regularly recording how your injury impacts your daily life will support your case as well.

Don’t attempt to navigate the legal complexities of your claim alone. To learn how a skilled injury firm can help, reach out to the Myrtle Beach truck accident team at Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers today.

Frequently Asked Questions

After an accident, we know you have questions. Read over some frequently asked questions for jackknife accidents and call us at (843) 839-4795 to discuss your concerns in depth.

How Much is My Case Worth?

The value of your claim depends on how much you’ve lost as a result of the crash. Your losses will likely encompass financial and non-financial factors. To determine the exact value of your claim, a lawyer will consider all of your injury-related expenses. Your lawyer will evaluate lost wages, lost earning potential, emotional distress, and other relevant factors.

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

Call a lawyer as soon as possible. Taking quick action will support the overall success of your claim because it gives your attorney valuable time to investigate. If you wait months or years to speak with a lawyer, your attorney could run into issues recovering critical records from the at-fault driver or company could. At the very least, S.C. Code § 15-3-530(5) (2016) gives most accident victims three years to file an injury claim. 

How Do I Handle Insurers?

If a car insurance company contacts you after a collision, you should refer them to your attorney. The at-fault party’s insurer may masquerade as a friendly fact-finder, but they usually have ulterior motives which don’t serve your interests.

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