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If a garbage truck injures you or your family in an accident in Myrtle Beach, there are options for seeking compensation. Let the truck accident attorneys of Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers review the circumstances of your accident and determine whether you’re eligible for compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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Garbage Truck Accidents in Myrtle Beach

Trash collection is a dangerous business. In fact, refuse collectors are in more danger in the workplace than police officers, miners, and construction workers. The fatal injury rate for the over 120,000 solid waste workers in the country is more than 35 per 100,000. Make no mistake, the people that pick up our trash are risking their lives to do what they do.

Garbage collectors often work 12-hour shifts that include intense manual labor, namely lifting heavy loads into the truck repeatedly. They start early and finish late, which means they spend just as much or more time on the road as truck drivers. And just like truck drivers, they are pressured to get their cargo to and from its destination quickly. This means they can sometimes cut corners and make mistakes, and when you factor in the amount of time these large vehicles spend on neighborhood streets, these mistakes can quickly lead to accidents with smaller passenger vehicles, which can easily end in debilitating injuries.

Though not as large as 18-wheelers, garbage trucks are not small vehicles. They can weigh upwards of 50,000 pounds when fully loaded. They have some of the same liabilities as large trucks, such as zero rear visibility, but also some additional hazards that large trucks don’t have, such as limited top speed. Their biggest liability is that, unlike 18-wheel trucks, they spend most of their time on narrow neighborhood streets in close proximity to cyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists. This can increase the likelihood of accidents and serious injury.

Types of Garbage Trucks

There are several different types of large Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), including:

  • Rear, side, and front-loading garbage trucks
  • Recycle collection vehicles
  • Compost trucks
  • Roll-off dumpster trucks
  • Grapple trucks
  • Hydraulic lift dumpster trucks

Common Causes of Accidents with Garbage Trucks in Myrtle Beach

According to the Solid Waste Association of North America, the most common accident involving garbage trucks is a backing incident, when a garbage truck accidentally backs into a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist. Backing incidents comprise almost a quarter of all accidents and injuries in the waste industry.

Other causes of accidents involving garbage trucks include:

  • Distracted driving. Waste collectors have to pay attention to many different things while on the job, including the pickup route, radio transmissions, and where the other collectors are in relation to the vehicle. If they are distracted, accidents and crashes can easily occur.
  • Failure to check blind spots. Just like large trucks, garbage trucks are surrounded on all sides by large blind spots. If they do not check these spots frequently, they can strike or reverse into a vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Failure to yield. Garbage trucks move up and down neighborhood streets routinely and can miss a yield or stop sign, causing crashes.
  • Speeding. Waste collectors move fast to complete their route, though, unlike 18-wheel trucks, instead of speeding on the interstate, they may speed on residential roads. This can lead to dangerous conditions for all involved.
  • Lack of maintenance. Garbage trucks run almost all day, every day. This means that they need constant upkeep to stay on the road, as even one defective truck can drastically alter a pickup schedule. Though they are usually well-maintained by the municipal departments that use them, required maintenance may sometimes be delayed to keep a truck on the road, which can cause accidents.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney After Your Garbage Truck Accident

Filing an injury claim in South Carolina can be done by anyone at any time, so why pay the money for an attorney when you can represent yourself? There are several reasons why having an attorney assist with your injury claim can help you in the long run.

  1. We can estimate damages. There are several different types of damages that can be claimed in an injury lawsuit. Some of these damages, like medical bills or lost wages, are easy to estimate, but others, like pain and suffering, are not. An experienced attorney will review your accident and injury claim to make sure that the amount you request in compensation is commensurate with all the injuries you and your family have suffered, not just the ones that affect your pocketbook.
  2. We know the business. Filing an injury claim with an insurance company may seem like a straightforward affair, but in reality, it can be anything but simple. An insurance company will look for any reason to deny a claim for damages, and if your claim isn’t complete and backed up by solid evidence, they can deny it on a technicality, leaving you with nothing. A lawyer will help you build a claim that is solid and fact-based, and we can use our knowledge and experience of personal injury law in South Carolina to make sure you don’t fall prey to novice mistakes or common pitfalls.
  3. We know how insurance companies work. When you file a claim on your own, you’re going up against an insurance company with huge resources and a full legal team. They may try to use underhanded tactics to take advantage of you and offer you a settlement that is far less than what you deserve. For example, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit for damages following an accident in South Carolina, and insurance companies will often try to waste time in settlement negotiations to “wait you out” and let the lawsuit filing deadline pass so you can’t sue for damages. We are familiar with these tactics and know how to counter them.
  4. We do the hard work. If a garbage truck injures you or someone you love in a crash, between recovering from injuries, trying to find a way to make up for lost time at work, and dealing with insurance adjusters, you’ve got enough to worry about. We will take on the task of building your injury claim and leave you free to rebuild your life. We will investigate your crash, gather evidence to support your claim, and take the lead in negotiating a fair settlement, so you don’t have to.
  5. We can sue if the settlement isn’t right. The vast majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court, but if you file a claim on your own and the insurance company denies it outright or offers you a paltry settlement amount, you don’t have many options. Hiring an experienced attorney brings with it the threat of a lawsuit for the insurance company. If they don’t give you what you deserve, we can file suit in the South Carolina court and bring the full weight of our knowledge and experience to bear on your case.
  6. Hiring a lawyer may get you more compensation. Data from a survey done in 2016 by the Martindale-Nolo research group paints a surprising picture regarding retaining legal counsel after an injury and compensation obtained. Those who hired a lawyer had a 40% greater chance of securing compensation. Also, those who hired a lawyer were able to obtain over four times as much in settlements and damages than those who didn’t hire a lawyer.

You don’t have to hire a lawyer for your garbage truck injury claim in Myrtle Beach, but doing so can certainly benefit you.

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