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South Carolina averages around 140,000 car accidents a year. That’s a big number. But, it’s important each number of this figure represents real people. People suffering from injuries, financial hardships, and worst of all, who have lost their lives as a result of a car accident.

Not all car accidents are caused by simple mistakes. Some are caused by the irresponsible behavior of others. When a car wreck is caused by a drugged driver, it’s more than an unfortunate accident. It’s negligence.

If you’ve been injured as the result of a car accident caused by a drugged driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You might be able to seek damages for the wages lost while you were injured and unable to work, reimbursement for your past and future medical bills, and compensation to repair or replace your car. With the help of a lawyer, you may be able to seek money for your pain and suffering, psychological trauma, and other damages up suffered as a result of the crash.

You need a personal injury attorney on your side to fight for your rights. The lawyers at Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. Accident & Injury Lawyers are dedicated and relentless when it comes to seeking compensation for our clients. We are experienced in navigating the complex legal system and unafraid of big insurance companies or their lawyers.

After a car accident caused by an impaired driver, you may not know about all of your options. You may face pressure to settle from the driver’s insurance company or attorney on top of the mounting medical bills.

We understand the difficult time you’re experiencing, and our Myrtle Beach drugged driving attorneys know you need to tend to your health or your loved one above all. Significant compensation from the at-fault party can help. Give us a call at (843) 839-4795 or contact us here to find out how we can help.

Impaired Driving Is Caused By More Than Just Alcohol

The disastrous effects of alcohol on driving are well-known and well-documented. Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have spread awareness of the risks of drunk driving in order to prevent it from happening in the first place.

TV commercials, educational programs in schools, and designated driver programs have all made drunk driving a known evil. The effects of driving under the influence of drugs are less publicized.

But make no mistake: drugged driving is a serious issue. In a 2018 National Institute on Drug Abuse survey, almost 13 million Americans reported having driven under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately, there are many drugs out there that impact driving ability in distinct, but dangerous and even lethal, ways.

Examples of drugs and their impacts on car accidents

  • Opioids: It’s no secret that opioid abuse is a major problem in this country. South Carolina has not been spared. The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services reported a 47% increase in the number of South Carolina deaths caused by opioid overdoses between the years 2014 through 2017. The state has been one of the hardest-hit states by the opioid abuse epidemic. This unfortunate fact means that drivers impaired by opioids are out on the road. Opioids affect the nervous system and can reduce cognitive ability, especially when abused or combined with other drugs. In one study published by the Governors Highway Safety Association, of the drivers who tested positive for drugs and were killed in car accidents, 20% had opioids in their system.
  • Marijuana: As more states have legalized the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana, it has become more accepted throughout the country. This growing acceptance doesn’t mean that marijuana use is completely harmless. Verywell Mind reports that several studies have shown that marijuana use increases the chance of a car accident. THC, the psychoactive substance found in marijuana, affects the user’s perception of time, their ability to concentrate, and can slow reaction time. All of that negatively impacts the ability to safely operate a vehicle.
  • Prescription drugs: People take prescription drugs for a variety of reasons. Used correctly under a doctor’s direction, these medications can help people greatly. Unfortunately, these drugs can and are abused. Even patients who use prescription drugs correctly may find their driving impaired. You may be familiar with the warning printed on the side of some prescription and even over-the-counter medicine: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. This is a warning label required by the FDA for drugs that may impair cognitive function, cause sedation, or other central impairments that can make driving a dangerous decision. 
  • Other illicit narcotics: There is a wide variety of illegal and dangerous drugs out there that severely impact the ability to drive. Cocaine and amphetamines can lead to aggressive driving, causing drivers to take risks they normally wouldn’t. Benzodiazepines, like the commonly abused Xanax, can cause sedation. There are also psychedelic drugs, a class of illicit drugs that cause hallucinations. When people take these drugs and get behind the wheel of a car, they not only endanger themselves, they also risk the lives of everyone else on the road.

The bottom line: when someone chooses to drive impaired by a substance, they make a careless, potentially disastrous decision. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of someone else’s irresponsibility when they cause you damages.

What if I don’t have money to pay for a lawyer?

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