Calling Someone a "Neanderthal" Might Be a Compliment

Dental plaque found in ancient Neanderthal remains in El Sidrón Cave, Spain, has provided
further insights into our nearest relatives’ behavior, diet, and knowledge of medicinal plants.
Dental plaque can trap microorganisms that live in the mouth, food particles, and pathogens
found in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, preserving DNA for thousands of
The Neanderthal whose remains were studied displayed evidence of a dental abscess, as
could be seen through observation of the fossilized jawbone. Remnants of an intestinal
parasite that causes severe diarrhea were evident as well. However, poplar, which contains
salicylic acid (a painkiller), and antibiotic mold (Penicillium) were also found in this ill
Neanderthal’s system. This finding seems to indicate that Neanderthals had knowledge of the medicinal qualities of plants. The
use of antibiotics predates the development of penicillin by 40,000 years.
When you combine this new information with other findings, Neanderthals appear to have been much more sophisticated than
we modern humans have given them credit for. They also decorated their abodes with cave art, buried their dead, and evidence
points to them being the first jewelers. Yes, they may have engaged in cannibalism, too, but no one’s perfect.
A little dental plaque can go a long way, providing a window into the Neanderthal lifestyle—their diet, health, and environmental
influences on their behavior. In addition, the evolution of oral microorganisms can be charted, and there’s been notable change
from ancient Neanderthals to modern humans. Something to think about the next time you’re snacking.

More Tricks & Tactics of the Insurance Industry

We’ll grant them this: insurance companies are great marketers, and they are very good at promoting a caring, sensitive
approach when it comes to handling your claims. Don’t be fooled, though.
Insurance companies and their representatives have one goal in mind: to make big profits. And, how do they strive to do
that? By limiting the amount of money that they pay out on accident claims or by denying those claims altogether.
Here are just a few of the most common tricks and tactics that insurance companies utilize to achieve their goal:
• Monitoring your social media postings and interactions. Rest assured that the insurance company will be checking
for any videos or updates you post that might undermine your claim;
• Doing their best to try to get you to go through the other driver’s insurance company to get your vehicle appraised
or fixed;
• Believe it or not, insurance companies have even made a habit of hiring private investigators to secretly videotape
unsuspecting accident victims, hoping to uncover damaging information;
• Trying to talk you out of meeting with or hiring an experienced car accident attorney to help you with your claim.
The insurance companies know that accident victims who hire an attorney have a much better chance at achieving
a higher settlement for their claim;
• Not settling claims for a fair amount. Unfortunately, we see this all of the time, and it can spell financial disaster for
you and your family down the road.
An experienced car accident attorney can help level the playing field and protect your rights in a fight against the insurance

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